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What does a Wedding DJ cost?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

You're getting married and need to find not just a DJ, but your Wedding DJ and you want to know what a wedding DJ costs. You hit the net and send the same message to the first 25 you find..."What are your prices?"

Sound familiar?

As a certified Wedding Specialist, people often ask about wedding DJ costs. Although you might think the answer is relatively straightforward, the most accurate answer is more complicated. Many factors determine the price of a wedding DJ, and in the end, what you pay will determine whether you get a quality service or a cheap service that will tarnish your once-in-a-lifetime event. So, to best answer this question, I have put together a realistic guide to provide some rough numbers to indicate what you can expect from your DJ come your wedding day. These numbers would not include lighting, dedicated ceremony sound system, or a photo booth.

Up to $600

Someone with a hobby. Little to no experience with weddings. No industry training. No insurance. Sloppy stage presence, both vocally and visually. Tends to cancel for a higher paying gig. No portfolio to showcase their talents. Attracts shoppers with a low price. Not reliable.

$600 – $1000

Some experience with weddings, but most likely still a hobbyist. More dependable than a novice, but still likely operates as a part-time business. May or may not have industry training. It is unlikely that they have the liability insurance wedding venues require. Stage presence would be better than a novice, but still lacks experience handling major engagements as a master of ceremonies. Check references and reviews to see their history. Probably at least has a Facebook page. Reliable, as long as you don't mind waiting for replies.

$1,000 – $2,500

Master of Ceremonies (MC) specializing in Wedding DJ entertainment. Runs a full time business that they depend on to survive. Attends numerous training events a year. Has the required liability insurance. Committed to giving you a personalized experience. Has a clean stage presence, both vocally and visually. Easy to find portfolio of past weddings. Wont leave you for another "gig." Reliable & available.

Everyone wants the best deal they can get, right? However, this isn't an everyday event. This is your wedding! You are spending a lot of money on your special day. Do you want someone who is a novice DJ, poor master of ceremonies, inexperienced lighting person, or lacks the insurance a venue requires? As I write this article, I have already received three panicked calls this month from people looking to replace their wedding DJs based on the criteria I've previously mentioned.

Here's the difference.

On the low end, you're pretty much guaranteed a less than stellar performance. Lack of insurance, poor sound equipment, and last minute changes will almost certainly have a detrimental effect on your wedding.

In the $600 to $1000 range, things are a bit better but still leave a lot to be desired. Since these DJs are working part-time, they are often hard to get a hold of and have far less time to dedicate to improving their skills or industry training. They'll probably play the correct songs for you, but their inexperience as a master of ceremonies could lead to mistakes that could be embarrassing.

In the $1000 to $2500 range, you spend more than average on a Wedding DJ, but guess what's going to happen? You get a better than average experience. You're wedding reception will unfold in a way you love because you are involved in the planning process. You're going to go to your reception knowing your celebration is going to be perfect and all you have to do is enjoy it.

I hope this gave you some insight on what determines the cost of a wedding DJ. You can learn about me and how I can make your grand introductions awesome at, or give me a call at 978-855-5834.

~Wedding DJ Specialist Brian Fligg


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