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iPod or Wedding DJ?

Everyone is on a budget, I get it. If you're someone who is considering making a playlist and using an iPod for your wedding reception to save some money, you may want to watch this video to learn the hurdles you're likely to run into. Hiring a DJ for $500 isn't a good choice either. (Learn what you get at different price points for DJs here.)

As I write this blog post (July 12, 2018), I've teamed up with 3 couples so far this season who realized last minute how much a wedding DJ actually does for your wedding reception. Your DJ does so much more than your iPod ever will, or can. We control the time line, direct guests attention as to what's going on and where, we keep your vendors informed as to what is coming up and most importantly, keep the wedding reception flowing with great party songs that get your guests dancing and no dead air between songs. The biggest part get to relax and enjoy your day instead of micromanaging the music and figuring out why nobody is dancing and instead, leaving early.

Want to meet the DJ who specializes in wedding reception entertainment and can give you the fun & stress free reception you're hoping for...? Visit

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