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The Uplighting your venue provides wont do this, GUARANTEED.

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Uplighting is all the rave

You want it. You say you must have it. you know not all uplighting is the same? There are bright fixtures & dim fixtures. Fixtures that produce a narrow column of light and others that produce a wall wash. Some change colors and some don't. These factors aren't nearly as important as WHO is controlling them though, and your venue shouldn't be the person. Last I checked, a venue isn't a person anyways.

Don't just turn them on

If done right, your uplighting will have just as much programming as your music will, especially during the grand introductions when each member of your wedding party is introduced with not only their own song, but their own light show too. It will not only beautify the environment your wedding reception is being held at, whether it's in the grand ballroom or under a tent, but it should also enhance your celebration by immersing your space in light that sets the mood. This is done by changing colors at just the right moment with purpose, controlling the feeling of the environment.

Can you picture it?

Let's say your wedding colors include a plum color and the 30 uplights in the reception space have been a complimenting purple color during dinner and it's now time for you to dance with your father. The room slowly fades to a pink color as you meet in the center of the dance floor. This dance is followed by his dance with mom and the room then fades to blue. Fast color changes, chase patterns, and effects take over during the fast dancing, all syncronized to the beat of the music. You're amazed that EVERYONE is out on the floor dancing! Can you picture it? YES!

Don't leave it to the venue

Uplighting not only sets the mood, but it does an amazing job at also drawing the energy out of all your guests IF DONE RIGHT. Creating these results is not easy and should not be taken on by an armature, or more importantly, a venue.

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