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One Stop Wedding Shopping

Who doesn't love the idea of getting all their wedding vendors in one place without having to shop for cakes here, a photographer there, and a limousine way over there? Well, that's kinda a tall order because you want vendors you connect with too, right? Well, there is some hope when it comes to your wedding entertainment.

Chances are, you're looking for the perfect wedding DJ who is going to listen to what you want, and listen to your input when it comes to the music that will get played. You also probably want effective uplighting that not only compliments your wedding colors, but also comes to life and brings energy to the dance floor when the dancing starts. And who doesn't want to have a photo booth or Magic Mirror for that over the top fun that also makes party favors for your wedding guests and a scrapbook of all the pictures that you can also use as your guest registry?

Finding the right entertainment company can provide solutions to just that...all the fun parts of your wedding reception. You need to know what each provider is offering though, and that can be tricky. There are low quality and there are high quality providers, each priced to match their level of service. On the low end, you'll end up with a DJ who may not play the songs on your must play list, have uplighting that isn't very bright, and a photo booth that utilizes bed sheets as part of it's setup. The best way to avoid disaster ready...LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE OFFERING! Yes! It's just that simple sometimes. Ask any prospective entertainment company what it is they're offering. This is no challenge for a company providing a quality service because they are usually proud of their work and able to show results from past events. They can do this with pictures, videos, and client testimonials right on their web site. If you find one that says they specialize in wedding reception entertainment, you're headed in the right direction.

Once you've found the wedding DJ that is the perfect DJ, Uplighting, and Photo Booth combo package for you, and only you can determine who that is, chances are, they'll also be able to provide you with direct referrals to quality cake bakeries, photographers, and tuxedo or suit providers too. Here's a hint...Great service providers usually stick together and refer other great quality service providers.

So while that one stop wedding shopping may still be a fairy tail, there are some solutions when you're shopping for the one vendor who is responsible for 80% of the overall success of your wedding reception. I'm Massachusetts Wedding DJ Specialist Brian Fligg, and I'm proud to show my work.

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