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Do you want a DJ who does weddings or a Wedding DJ Specialist?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

No shortage of DJs

There's certainly an endless supply of DJs out there. You see them in bars, your favorite club, at company holiday parties and events, even at grand openings, birthday parties, and don't forget weddings.

Some DJs will DJ for any reason. You'll see them at a reunion this weekend, then a wedding a month later, then at a gas station promo event in 6 months. Sure, they will probably do a decent job at all of them, but what kind of promotional service do you think the DJ who only DJs gas station promotions, would give a gas station compared to the best Bar/Bat Mitzvah DJ in America? Right! The gas DJ! Hmmm...a new name for someone maybe? Honestly, if I heard of a DJ who does specialize in gas station promos, I'd go just because I would expect to see something big and impressive because it's all they do...Right? That DJ is a Gas Station Promo Specialist. As cool as that sounds, you're not looking for a gas station promo DJ. You're getting married. Look for a DJ who specializes in wedding reception entertainment.

How do you find a wedding DJ specialist?

Well, for starters, if you go to a company's web site and you have to do any type of navigating to get to wedding related information, they focus on more than just weddings. They may say "Weddings are a specialty," but their efforts are shared in more than one area of DJing.

A wedding DJ specialist is going to have lots of ideas to help enhance formal moments based on your feelings, and will help build a timeline to get the results you're looking for. If you want a highly personalized wedding reception with custom introductions, projected monograms, uplighting that comes to life, a photo booth, your wedding vows embedded into the music for your first dance, personalized photo slides shows, and...of course, the perfect music set built just for you and your family, you'll find these options with a Wedding DJ Specialist.

Package info and more about Wedding DJ Specialist Brian Fligg

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